Wheels Don’t Matter!

Jaina Hirani

~Step into my world ~

My name is Jaina Hirani and I’m 32 years old. At the age of 13, I was diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia. This has left me chair-bound, with poor visibility and a lack of coordination, amongst many other symptoms. Even though this has heavily impacted my quality of life, I have learned how to overcome the many challenges that I have faced. I am writing this blog in hope of inspiring others, also in a similar position with a life-changing disability; When you feel there is no hope, know that you’re not alone, and let’s try to seek the positives together. My experiences as a British Indian, adopting a fusion of the two different cultures has shaped the life I live today

It’s the challenges in life that make life interesting. It came, I attacked, I defeated, I rose.

I’ll post blog entries as often as I can, mostly I will be talking to you through my experiences, whether they are from the past or present. After reading my blog, I hope others like me, are motivated to prevail. It will be a new experience every time you visit. If you have any other suggestions or questions on what you would like me to talk about, just leave a comment on the blog or contact me via the contact form.


Race against time

As you go through university, things become harder. Expectations rise, fear of failure hits hard and you come face-to-face with difficult decisions that will determine your future. The second-year had almost come to an end and I had to decide whether I wanted to do a placement year or just finish the three-year course andContinue reading “Race against time”

Look up at the Stars

To get through life we have people that we look up to, for guidance, for motivation, for answers or even for a different perspective. We find similarities that connect our lives to theirs and aspire to follow in their footsteps. These people influence our life in an immeasurable way. Whether they are your known orContinue reading “Look up at the Stars”

Leap of faith

A leap of faith! Can you think of a time, where you have had to step into the unknown in hopes of a positive outcome? Isn’t that what we all do most of our lives anyway? My experiences so far have proven this to be true. Sometimes, we just need a leap of faith. MyContinue reading “Leap of faith”

Sweet like Chocolate

What comes to mind when you think of the word chocolate? Your favourite chocolate? The taste? The colour? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Every kid has a dream to be surrounded by all the chocolate in the world, unless of course, you don’t like chocolate,Continue reading “Sweet like Chocolate”

This is what made me, ME!

Friedreich’s ataxia! It’s been a huge part of my life and still is. I guess that’s what makes me, me. You may have already read about the different stages of my life where I began to notice impactful changes in my condition. Some changes were slowly progressing and some felt almost instant. When I wasContinue reading “This is what made me, ME!”

Come Rain or Shine

Family and friends are what make life worthwhile. Without them where would we be? What would life be like? Hard to imagine right?  My journey over the years has been filled with many ups and downs, though I am fortunate to be surrounded by the best support system anyone could ever ask for. Those peopleContinue reading “Come Rain or Shine”

Seek help! It’s not a Crime.

As mentioned in my previous blog, university was such an enjoyable experience. What I enjoyed the most about going to university was getting ready. With my disability progressing, dressing up was something I looked forward to. It was important that I looked presentable at all times and I was into fashionable, trendy clothes. I’d invadedContinue reading “Seek help! It’s not a Crime.”

Fear vs Curiosity!

Everyone’s university experience is very different and unique. People always say that it is entirely different to high school, with more challenges, more independence, more opportunities to socialise and explore. I was told not to let my wheels lessen any of these wonderful experiences. People told me that I would have so much fun andContinue reading “Fear vs Curiosity!”

Thank you so much for your support. Hope everyone enjoyed joining me, on my journey through my blog. Thank you again!

Jaina Hirani

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