Let’s talk ‘Covid’! : Part two

The first wave was indeed not our last! I think we may have enjoyed our summer break a little too much because a few months later, numbers began to increase rapidly. The outburst of the new variant, coming in from different countries put a lot of pressure on the NHS and hospitals. The fact that borders were still open was frustrating, as it seemed like a simple fix, reducing the number of people coming in would prevent different variants from spreading, right? Although Boris didn’t close off borders, he announced tighter restrictions for the second wave. A second lockdown, just before Diwali! Why Boris why?!

Even though this was upsetting, I was glad that another lockdown was put in place as it meant that by law people would have to stay safe. It was getting worse day by day and even reached a point where people were getting paid 80% of their wages to do nothing but stay at home. That’s how bad it was outside. I remember thinking, what has the world come to, will Covid really settle by Christmas? Well, that’s what everyone was hoping.

Few weeks before Christmas, Boris said that we could celebrate for two weeks with family and friends, so long as we stayed in our bubbles with two other households. People were excited for Christmas, looking forward to celebrations. But the numbers were still increasing and another announcement was made the week before Christmas. The rules had changed once again! Celebration time had reduced to Christmas day only. Boris had been going back and forth with the changes, and as annoying as it was for us, it was such an uncertain time that nobody actually knew what to expect. So instead, we had a virtual celebration.

The difference shown between the 2 Christmas trees during the two years, look at how empty it looked in 2020 due to Covid.

Since then, it felt as if I was stuck in a time loop. Wake up, eat, exercise, sleep and repeat. It was the same mundane routine with no new interactions. Staying home all day and seeing the same people gets boring! I’m sure you all know what I mean. It’s been a year since the first lockdown and it’s weird how time has passed so fast.

We knew that for this virus to be eliminated, there would need to be some sort of vaccine. But vaccines usually take years to develop and the human immune system alone wasn’t strong enough to defeat it. Being vulnerable, it was frightening to think that I might not be able to go out at all. In late December they announced that a vaccine for Covid-19 had been created. Hearing this, a wave of relief passed through me. Finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel, giving me hope that things could go back to the way they were. With the perks of my vulnerability, I was fortunate to have received my first dose of the vaccination in January. This was when a flash of my life was pulled out from me. The headaches and high temperature, the aching body that kept me up at night. This was merely a taster of the pain that Covid patients suffered. Imagine having to face 10 times more pain for two weeks and for some longer. This was definitely an eye opening experience!  

Boris has announced a timeline of dates, where the economy will slowly open up again. Now that things are starting to lighten up, I am looking forward to summer, where hopefully everything will be back to normal. But, I can’t even remember what normal is anymore. It feels like a year of our lives were imprisoned and nonexistent. Well in that case, bring on the anxiousness and nervousness, as we all learn to adapt to a new normal.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk ‘Covid’! : Part two

  1. I agree that, particularly since Xmas,
    the days have become so repetitive and mundane. But I disagree that time has passed so fast – I feel that it’s really dragged on. The colder winter days certainly didn’t help.
    Roll on the summer – and freedom!?

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  2. Lovely tree Jaina. With the vaccine rollout there is hope that by the end of this year we can return to some sort of normal. Even if it isn’t the normal we were used to.

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