Seek help! It’s not a Crime.

As mentioned in my previous blog, university was such an enjoyable experience. What I enjoyed the most about going to university was getting ready. With my disability progressing, dressing up was something I looked forward to. It was important that I looked presentable at all times and I was into fashionable, trendy clothes. I’d invadedContinue reading “Seek help! It’s not a Crime.”

Let’s talk ‘Covid’! : Part two

The first wave was indeed not our last! I think we may have enjoyed our summer break a little too much because a few months later, numbers began to increase rapidly. The outburst of the new variant, coming in from different countries put a lot of pressure on the NHS and hospitals. The fact thatContinue reading “Let’s talk ‘Covid’! : Part two”

Let’s talk ‘Covid’! : Part one

Let’s talk about the pandemic that has taken a toll on many lives. February 2020, where was I? I went on a spectacular holiday, visiting the Dominican republic. At the time, we were casually minding our own business, whilst in China a virus had just come about, spreading rapidly. We heard about it on theContinue reading “Let’s talk ‘Covid’! : Part one”

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